Lateral Firewall

IPCopper's Lateral Firewall network appliance utlizes a pioneering technology that revolutionizes network management and security, taking the concepts of "firewall" and "network monitoring" to a new, comprehensive level. This technology natively integrates network packet processing and analysis with routing, firewalling, packet capture, switching, network segregation, network monitoring and network visualization and management functions. It provides admins with a way to simplify the management of corporate networks and seamlessly monitor and protect them without sacrificing anything, no matter the size or complexity of the network.

IPCopper's Lateral Firewall Network Appliance combines firewalling, high-performance switching and routing, and packet capture with high-speed data processing.

The Lateral Firewall technology offered by IPCopper helps solve the compelling needs of today's corporate and enterprise computer networks by managing information and data flows across the network and achieves results with comprehensive monitoring, packet capture, reports and firewalling combined in one high-performance package.

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